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Pinnacle Security Services For Residential And Commercial

Residential Security Guard services are a specialty at Pinnacle Security Services, New Delhi. When our security Guard officers are placed on the job in residential neighborhood colonies and society, Security Guards are able to handle complete security for the entire community in a gated society. From the entry gates of the housing society to help with emergencies, our security guard teams are trained to make certain that the people in the community feel completely safe if security guards of Pinnacle Security Services, New Delhi are around them.

House keeping Services

The office is important after all we spend most of our adult lives there, so keeping it clean and hygienic is paramount to a good working atmosphere. This is where most of you spend your time apart from your home. It is important to have a good clean office. It creates a sense of freshness for the employees working there. Cleanliness is next to godliness is a saying. To have mental, physical, and emotional stability in the office., it is compulsory to have a clean office. We are here to make your office a clean and pleasant one to work in, every day of the year – even on holidays!

Security Gunman

We at Pinnacle Security Services offer the best security gunman services in Delhi NCR. The gunman we provide is licensed to arms. It is important to have protection for a safe environment. Security plays an important role in assuring the safety of an individual, office, organization, etc. Their role is to prevent one from any kind of violence. These gunmen can be hired by anyone and are paid to protect specific people, organizations, property, etc. They are there to protect you 24/7. They are always on alert with regard to safety.

Bouncer Services

Pinnacle Security Services Bouncer teams are specially trained for first aid emergencies and crisis management. The bouncers are presentable so as to ensure quality services at the same time provide a strong security presence. We are very particular about the technological equipment used during our services and can assist our clients in providing such security equipment as well. Security teams provided by us are useful in the safe transportation of goods, valuables. Bouncers have an important role to maintain safety and security and keeping everything controlled such that the guests can enjoy the event.

Why Pinnacle Security Services?

  • Single Window risk mitigation solutions Standardized and tome tested process and system in line with industry best practices
  • Pan India Presence The clients retention rate of over 90%
  • Employee retention rate over 85%
  • 100% statutory compliances Timely Payments to staff Strict Supervision in Terms Of Day & Night Checks from Senior Management
  • Mohthly MIS reports
  • Dedicated Clients Relationship Manager
  • Contact Us.
    Sumit Yadav. 8448169857 
  • Kishor Kumar. 8766347124
    ADDRESS. A1/13, Freedom Fighter Colony,
    IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, Delhi-110068

Contact information

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