ESTATE SQUARES Providing Real-Estate Sales Team - Get 100% Genuine And Verified Property Customers In Your City And Grow...




ESTATE SQUARES understands the pain of real estate industry that every real estate builder and contractor work hard to complete real estate projects and then its very difficult to manage the sales team to sell out new construct properties.


Hire a Solid Real-estate Sales Team to Sell your Projects

Estate Squares has recently launched our new service named "Real-estate Team service".

We have launched this service to provide experienced team who has prior working experience in the field of managing property customers in a very easy way.


Don't Worry, You just Focus on Your Construction Project 

You can hire our professional real estate team to manage sale of specific project or office.

Our team will first understand your project details and explain them to customer in a very simple way.


Focus on Your Target Audience

We help to sale your property so that you can focus on construction only.

Our team has experience of different social media platform to market property details to target customers and attract new buyers to the project site.

ESTATE SQUARES has become the #No.1 property listing website in India which offers free commission property listing services. We are recognized as the best real estate website in India.

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