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Savithanjali Luxury Duplex Apartments

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 91 views Jul 04, 2024

₹ 10,523,856 Selling

Category Residential
Square 2,154 ft2
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Number of floors 16
Price ₹ 10,523,856

Savithanjali Triplex Flat -  A 1406, A 1403, C 1404 


A high-rise triplex flat is similar to a duplex flat but with an additional level, totalling three floors within a high-rise building. This type of residential unit provides even more space and separation of living areas compared to duplexes, offering an arrangement that's akin to a small townhouse within a vertical structure.


In a high-rise triplex flat, residents typically have distinct areas for living, dining, and possibly bedrooms on one level, with additional bedrooms or living areas on the floors above and below. This layout allows for enhanced privacy and versatility in how the space is utilized.


Like duplex flats, high-rise triplex flats often come with amenities such as balconies or terraces, and they may offer stunning views from their elevated position within the building. They are particularly appealing in densely populated urban areas where space is limited, providing residents with a combination of luxury, convenience, and vertical living.


Savithanjali Duplex Flat – B1302, B1304, B1307, B 1502, B1504, B1505, B1507 


A high-rise apartment duplex flat typically refers to a residential unit located within a high-rise building that spans two floors. This type of living arrangement offers the benefits of vertical living while providing the space and layout reminiscent of a traditional house.


In such a setup, residents usually have distinct areas for living, dining, and possibly bedrooms on one floor, with additional bedrooms or a different living area on the floor above or below. The design often allows for more privacy and separation of living spaces compared to single-level apartments.


These duplex flats often boast panoramic views from their higher vantage points, and they may offer amenities such as balconies or terraces that enhance the experience of high-rise living. Additionally, they tend to be popular in urban areas where space is at a premium and residents seek both convenience and comfort.







Fitness center

Laundry Room

Distance key between facilities

School - 1KM

Entertainment - 200 M

Bus Stop - 50 M

Pharmacy - 500KM

Super Market - 500M

Beach - 6KM

Mall - 7KM

Bank - 1KM

Hospital - 1KM

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