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We all know that the world is changing and everything keeps on changing even the methods we use like before covid-19 people go and visit the physical store and purchase belongings but now people prefer to do online shopping for almost all goods. With the changing world the pattern of buying, selling, and lending properties is also changing before people go to different properties dealers to buy, sell, lending properties but now they just list their property on property listing websites. Here, is the list of Top 20 property listing sites in India  and also Top 5 property websites in India Have a look at this list.

1. MagicBricks

Magic bricks is launched in 2006 by times groups. It is wholly owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. It provides a common platform for the people who are interested in buying and selling properties to eliminate the middlemen in real estate.

2. Zolostays

Zolostays was founded by Nikhil Sikri, Akhil Sikri, and Sneha Choudhry in 2005. It mainly focuses on the student category who live away from family for a job or education.

3. Makaan

Makaan website was acquired by REA India in May 2015. It was launched with a vision to give everyone their dream home


ESTATE SQUARES is founded by Mr. Jagbir Singh. It is a platform on which the users can list their property for rent, sell, or lease for free. Estate Squares is the best property listing website in India and grow real estate business with us. They are also offering premium plans in which your website will also be promoted by them. They are fully dedicated to your work and have a passion to provide a roof to every person. 

5. NoBroker

No broker is founded with a vision in mind to eliminate the middle man and save the cost of brokerage as the tenant has to give brokerage every time they change their house. It also ensures the free flow of information

6. OyoLife

Oyo life is a revolution in renting property as they not only give property on rent but also give additional facilities like wi-fi, television, housekeeping, good connectivity of swiggy, zomato, etc. and in exchange, they charge monthly rent.

7. IndiaProperty

IndiaProperty is founded in 2006, to simplify the process of buying, selling, renting, and leasing property. They have 6 Lakh + Properties, 1500 + Verified Builder Projects, 150 + Indian Cities, 3 Million Unique Visitors every month, etc.

8. Housing

Housing is Founded in 2012 and acquired by REA India in 2017. Its mission is to be the first choice of the person who is searching for the business listing websites. It is a listing website in which properties from different localities are listed for rent, sale, purchase, etc. and if you are looking a top 5 property sites in india Estate Squares  is a  top 5 property website in india.

9. PropTiger

It is founded in 2011 by a dynamic business leader with a vision to provide an easy process for buying and selling property. They have created a platform on which the prospective buyer and seller can meet and exchange properties with an appropriate amount. It is good for the major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai

10. Sulekha

It is an established online portal for property listing, you can get your dream house on sulekha with the best prices and locations. You can visit the sulekha website and search for the property you want and the specified location.

11. CoHo

They provide a co-living working space for the professionals who live away from their families for their work. They provide fully-furnished villas or flats. So, that the person can just move into the house with their luggage.

12. Quikr Homes

It provides both services of buying and selling of property. You can list your property for free, as this site doesn't charge anything for you. The process of registering your property is very easy.

13. PropertyWala

Property Wala is well managed real estate listing website which is managed by highly qualified professionals for the smooth functioning of the website.

14. Oxfordcaps

Oxfardscaps was started in Singapore and now has a presence in 8 cities in India. They mainly focus on students and also give basic amenities like furniture, electricity, water, cloth washing, etc. Their charges are included in the rent

15. Real Estate Websites in  India

It is a real estate listing website  and  property dealer website where you can buy, sell, rent, and lease your property in a very easy way. The motives of the founders of this website are to eliminate the middle man and also reduce the cost of the properties. You can find your dream home here.

16. Roomster

On this website, you can find rooms to live in they focus on the students you came to bog cities to study and want a room to live in and study in peace.

17. 99 Acres

It is a very famous site I am sure you all have heard this name. It is one of the most famous websites for property hunting. They have a pan India presence which means they have the property listed across India.

18. NestAway

They have a presence across 15 cities in India, they provide accommodation in the various cities to bachelors, family & working professionals. You can find property for rent on this website.

19. OLX Homes

You can find property for rent, sale, buy, lease, etc. It is one of the most classified property listing websites. It is a free property listing website because of which many people tend to list their website.

20. Clive

Currently, they are focusing on 3 cities Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. They provide co-living space for working professionals and another facility too as per their requirements

21. Extensive Property Listing Websites

Estate Squares is one of the largest databases of top 5 property websites in India and real estate websites in india. You may find everything on their platform, whether you're searching for a tranquil farmhouse in the countryside, an opulent estate in Goa, or a contemporary flat in Mumbai. Estate Squares offers a wide variety of property kinds and locations to meet the demands of all prospective tenants and buyers.

There is no doubt the top Indian Real Estate Websites is flourishing the demand for co-living space, furnished houses, and flats for rent is increasing as the trend of living apart from family, and nuclear families are increasing leading to an increase in demand for living space. I hope these Top 20 property websites list in India  and top 5 property websites in India will help you in finding your dream home at a very affordable price and also in that location where you want.

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