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 For a landlord, it is a very difficult task to find a good tenant and earn continuous income from rent. Running with the flow of market trends, keeping a check on the market rate of rents also minimize the vacancy period of the property are the best ways by which you can maximize your rental income.

Having a continuous rental income is based on many factors, finding a good tenant is very difficult in today's world. In today's fast-growing real estate market having an online presence for your property is a must. Real estate portals like Estate Squares are the best real estate listing websites in India, where you can list your property for free. It doesn't matter where your real estate property is situated like Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Noida, all over India. Here are a few tips by which you can maximize your rental income.

1. Minimize vacancy

A long-term tenant is the best option for continuous rental income. Sometimes a long-term tenant becomes clinky but it is the simplest method to escape from the vacancy of the property. As it takes time to find a new tenant as if the property is left vacant for a month it will reduce your annual rental income by 8%. As long as your present tenant tells about the notice period you should start searching for the new tenant, you can search for the tenant on Estate Squares a top real estate listing website where you can free list your property for rent as well as for sale.

2. Smart Pricing

When you are filling the vacancy, all the work is done and now it's time to finalize the rent for the property which is the most crucial part of the deal. To avoid this situation you must be clear about the rent you will be charging from the tenant, this will save your time and effort. Just make the number below the hundreds, for example, if you are charging 10,000 don't say 10,000 just say 9,999. It is a physiological trick that is used in the market You can also list your property on a free listing website like Estate Squares where the property around India is listed whether to buy/sell/rent etc.

Keep updated on the market price

A landlord should be updated about the market prices of the tenant so that he/she will quote the price according to it. To check the market price of the rental property you can visit our site Estate Squares which is a Real Estate listing website in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi, etc. The owner can also fix the prices of the electricity and water to avoid future conflicts. In addition to this, he can also add a clause of increasing a percentage in rent every year so that there should be an increase which leads to maximizing your rental income.

Use of Social Media 

In addition to free property listing websites like Estate Squares, there is another option to promote your property for free on social media. This helps you decrease the vacancy period and get new leads which helps you to maximize your rental income. You can join groups on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook and list your property there. Also, you can take payments online to keep the track of the payments.

If you still have any confusion you can consult Estate Squares experts who will guide how you can maximize your rental income or you can also take the premium plan of Estate Squares in which the executive of Estate Square will help you in selling/ renting or purchasing the property

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